Pay-as-you-go German lessons

With this innovative formula, you can pay only the single lesson that you like to follow.

Below is the calendar of the lessons, choose a topic, and book the corresponding date. As you can see each topic is repeated 2 times, you can choose one of the two appointments.

 #Topic1st date 2nd date 
1.Introduce yourself and others. Sentence construction: statements and questions. Präsens tense06 Oct 202007 Oct 2020
2.Calling on the phone. Counting. Give indications on occupation and provenience. Imperative tense08 Oct 202014 Oct 2020
3.Objects and description. Articles “der”, “die”, “das”13 Oct 202021 Oct 2020
4.Price indications. Possessive pronouns15 Oct 202028 Oct 2020
5.Drink and eat. Ordering at the restaurant. Accusative case. Verbs with vowel change20 Oct 202004 Nov 2020
6.At the restaurant: expressing compliments and complains. Modal verb “möchten”22 Oct 202011 Nov 2020
7.Leisure time. Modal verbs “können”, “müssen”, “dürfen”27 Oct 202018 Nov 2020
8.Asking info. The time. Giving an appointment. Separable verbs29 Oct 202025 Nov 2020
9.Around home. Place description. Demonstrative pronouns03 Nov 202002 Dec 2020
10.Objects at home. Prohibitions. Write a postcard. Indefinite pronouns05 Nov 202009 Dec 2020
11.Illness. Give suggestions. Possessive pronouns. Modal verb sollen10 Nov 202016 Dec 2020
12.Push someone. Reject suggestions. Describe how something happened. Imperative. Perfekt tense12 Nov 202023 Dec 2020
13.Describe your day. Give Info. Perfekt tense, all verbs17 Nov 202006 Jan 2020
14.Reporting something you’ve heard. Assign tasks. Personal pronouns in accusative19 Nov 202013 Jan 2020
15.Indicate a route. Wechselpräpositionen, changing prepositions24 Nov 202020 Jan 2020
16.Around the city. Pro and contra26 Nov 202027 Jan 2020
17.Around shopping, buying, making gifts, giving suggestion about it. The dative case01 Dec 202003 Feb 2021
18.Write an invitation. Expressing a wish. Comparative and superlative. Demonstrative pronouns in accusative03 Dec 202010 Feb 2021
19.German culture and language. Genitive08 Dec 202017 Feb 2021
20.Asking the way. Geographic indications. Date10 Dec 202024 Feb 2021

To reserve a place in a German virtual-classroom with the pay-as-you-go formula select the day where the topic of your interest is taught in the form below, then click on next.